World Class Counselling, Intervention and Communication Skills

Ground-Breaking Strategies incorporating the revolutionary Human Needs Psychology and other high quality disciplines, including Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, NLP, Transactional Analysis, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy, conflict resolution, negotiation and more …

Taught By Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes

The two prime founders, Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, teamed up to teach these skills to others through a comprehensive online course and made it available worldwide. Accomplished through video, written tutorials, webinars, downloadable recordings and exercises that is considered to be the best course material for coaches and counselors available today. Students also gain direct access to a participant forum, a facebook group and to expert guidance from Cloé Madanes herself.

See A Skilled Strategic Intervention Life Coach In Action Here

To watch the life changing results that these effective coaching skills can produce, take a look at the short and powerful video below. To become part of the class and learn to use these amazing techniques and strategies effectively, go to Robbins Madanes Coach Training and get involved.

Overcome Addictions, Change Habits, Quit Smoking

To find out how you can get rid of any bad habits, (even ones you have been troubled by for many years), by using a combination of some of these revolutionary techniques, quickly, easily and with much less effort, go to Get Rid Of Bad Habits – for good!

How nice would it be to let go a dependency, to quit a bad habit, to stop reaching to substances for relief, to change an unhealthy pattern, to transform a relationship, to start to feel better, to wake up refreshed, to live life more fully, to become more certain, to be happy again,  to remember who you really are!

Stuck In A Rut, Want A Change Or Just Need Some Inspiration?

“Decide what you want and then ask for it! It’s always given, and often in even more wonderful ways than you could have imagined.” ~ ER

Find Out Even More About Strategic Intervention

You might like to find out more about the founders of Strategic Intervention and the techniques, psychology and strategies that form the basis of this method of communication that REALLY delivers more benefit to people with less effort in a shorter space of time than anything else currently available.

“Underneath every bad behavior, is a positive intent
… to protect, to prevent, to provide.”
– Strategic Intervention

For me, this was the single most profound statement from the Strategic Intervention training. So when ever someone does something that confuses me, throws me, annoys me or angers me, I now ask … “What is their possible underlying intention? Is it to protect, prevent, provide or to produce something?”

Asking this one simple question over and over has restored, transformed and significantly enhanced several of the most important relationships in my life. – Elizabeth Richardson (AUSTRALIA)